Memories of the past start to crumble as Homecoming accelerates


“I don’t know what’s going on. Do you?” Set to the awkward background soundtrack of Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet,” Heidi’s question to her mother succinctly describes not just the first half of this series, but an apt slogan for the worst results of the Homecoming project.

Homecoming's first episode delivers mystery, mood, and a tantalizing question


What happened to Heidi Bergman? After thirty minutes of some of the most enticing table-setting this side of an Agatha Christie novel, that’s the question facing viewers as we’re left outside a waterfront dive, with little sense of where we’re heading and even less of how we—and she—ended up here.

The bloodline runs thin in the anemic first two episodes of The Romanoffs 


Part of what made Mad Men such a pleasure to watch was everything that occurred between the words. The lingering glances, slow sighs, and slight, furtive movements hinted at some strongly checked desire rustling beneath the surface that was not allowed to break into the very identity-conscious 1960’s. These quiet…

The Man In The High Castle delivers a tense and depressing season finale


One question kept running through my head toward the end of The Man In The High Castle’s season finale, “Jahr Null”: Do these scenes belong in the same show? Early on we’re treated to the most spectacular science fiction sequence of the series as the massive Nazi machine designed to open the portal between worlds is…

The penultimate Man In The High Castle ends with a violent farewell


The clock is running out on the season (and has completely run out for one character, but more on that later), and “Baku” provides what we more or less expect from a penultimate episode in the age of premium television. By the end, everything is in place for whatever finale fireworks are planned. Those will no doubt…

A quiet Man In The High Castle builds to an emotional gut-punch


After all the fireworks of the previous episode, it’s not much of a surprise that “History Ends” eases back on the throttle quite a bit. It’s an hour full of quieter moments (at least until the end), some more effective than others. That’s largely dependent on how invested you are in the characters involved...but not…

The season's midpoint arrives with the most eventful Man In The High Castle ever


One of the most evident changes in The Man In The High Castle this year is the accelerated pace. Several times this season I’ve been caught off guard by how quickly storylines have been resolved or twisted into intriguing new directions. Take all the action surrounding the Reich’s high command in this episode alone:…

Characters new and old mingle and conspire on The Man In The High Castle


Films have been key to The Man In The High Castle since the first reel from another world was introduced at the very beginning, but they’ve never been as omnipresent as they are in “Sensô Kôi.” (I’d love to tell you what that means, but Google Translate has failed me.) Juliana is watching one set at Tagomi’s house,…