The magnificent Long Strange Trip captures the splendor and folly of the Grateful Dead

Some of the most surprisingly gripping passages in Dennis McNally‚Äôs 2001 book A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History Of The Grateful Dead have to do with amplifiers. The band‚Äôs longtime publicist spent decades with the Dead, and watched them shrug off major details of their business‚ÄĒlike getting their songs just‚Ķ

Amazon takes a Long Strange Trip towards distributing Grateful Dead documentary

Four-hours might seem like a long running time for documentary about a rock band, unless that band is the Grateful Dead‚ÄĒunnecessarily drawn-out is kind of its brand. Jerry Garcia & Co. logged performances of ‚ÄúDarkstar‚ÄĚ back in the early ‚Äė70s that went on practically that long. With that in mind, Amazon Studios‚Ķ

Happy Valley looks at the Penn State scandal through the lens of community

Nowadays, just about every major public scandal gets turned into a feature-length documentary. The challenge for the filmmaker‚ÄĒassuming a quick cash-grab isn‚Äôt the aim‚ÄĒis to find an angle on the material that hasn‚Äôt already been wrung dry by the daily news media. Ideally, the movie will take its time, dig deeper than‚Ķ