Dan Harmon on Harmontown: “You have to just look at it like Titanic: I know the ship sinks, but this is a love story”

It’s been an interesting couple of years in the career of Community showrunner Dan Harmon: He was fired and re-hired from the show, which was canceled by NBC and then un-canceled by Yahoo. Between all of that, Harmon helped bring the animated sci-fi comedy Rick And Morty to Adult Swim and took his popular podcast,

There’s an app for that?: 6 fictional apps from TV and their real-world equivalents

1. MeowMeowBeenz, Community
In one fifth-season episode of Community, an app that seems like a strange cross between Yelp and all those “grade your teacher” websites is unleashed on Greendale, where the unsuspecting student body finds it can suddenly rate anybody and anything. Students rate teachers! Teachers rate…