Sony confirms John Mulaney is joining Into The Spider-Verse…as the Spectacular Spider-Ham

As much fun as Spider-Man: Homecoming was, Sony’s animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is looking like a significantly wackier adventure that gleefully dives headfirst into the weirdest parts of the web-head’s comic book history. Previous trailers for the film established the movie’s alternate universe (or…

Jamie Lee Curtis shares tearful embrace with fan who says the Halloween movies literally saved his life

Most people wouldn’t hold up the Halloween movies as a go-to guide for surviving an encounter with an armed intruder; Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode might be tough, brave, and resourceful, but she still makes a lot of rookie slasher movie protagonist mistakes (at least, at first—she’s a fucking badass by the time H20

See the birth of a dynamic new talent in an exclusive clip from Deborah Haywood's Pin Cushion 

Pin Cushion, the debut feature from British writer-director Deborah Haywood, marks the debut of an exciting new talent. On the surface, it appears to be trading in the sort of gently surrealist eccentricity upon which Wes Anderson has built his career. But upon further inspection you’ll find that Haywood’s vision is…

Quentin Tarantino no longer gets to release his Charles Manson movie on the anniversary of Manson's most famous murders

Damn it, people, can’t Quentin Tarantino have one thing go right lately? First, his personal patron Harvey Weinstein gets rightly brought down for his abhorrent treatment of women (with the director admitting he “knew enough” about Weinstein’s behavior to do more than he did); then, Tarantino himself comes under fire