The best films of 2018 so far

Conventional wisdom holds that the best movies of any given year tend to arrive sometime between Labor Day and Christmas—those few weeks annually and unofficially designated as “awards season.” But while the major studios and their indie subsidiaries do tend to hold their big prestige titles until at least early…

Is Isle Of Dogs one of Wes Anderson’s best movies, or just his most overtly political?

On today’s episode of Film Club, A.V. Club film editor A.A. Dowd and staff critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky sit down to discuss the delightful Isle Of Dogs, Wes Anderson’s second foray into stop-motion after 2009’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. Set off the coast of the fictional Japanese metropolis Megasaki, Dogs imagines a dystopian…

On an Isle Of Dogs, Wes Anderson uses stop-motion to construct one of his most wondrous worlds


Dogs do not have it easy in the bright, glorious dollhouse worlds of Wes Anderson. Think of Buckley, beloved beagle of the youngest Tenenbaums, run down in the prime of his life. Or poor Snoopy, impaled casualty of the boy-scouts war raging across a woodland moonrise kingdom. (Who’s to say if he was a good dog, but he…

Wrinkles in time, iron giants, ready players: 28 movies coming this March 

So many movies, so little time. Every week brings a new crop of them, opening in multiplexes and arthouse theaters across the nation, and arriving in increasingly high volumes on streaming platforms like Netflix. How’s a voracious moviegoer to keep up? That’s where The A.V. Club comes in. The first week of every

Let's revisit Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson's last stop-motion masterpiece

The upcoming Isle Of Dogs looks wonderful, with a post-apocalyptic world full of garbage, dogs, and celebrated character actors offering wry asides over ’60s British Invasion B-sides, presumably. It’s also, for director Wes Anderson, a return to the stop-motion animation style of his 2009 sleeper classic Fantastic Mr.