Aphex Twin, Curve, and Jawbreaker had the best-kept secret hits of 1992

1. Boyz II Men, “End Of The Road”
2. Sir Mix-A-Lot, “Baby Got Back”
3. Kriss Kross, “Jump”
4. Vanessa Williams, “Save The Best For Last”
5. TLC, “Baby-Baby-Baby”
6. Eric Clapton, “Tears In Heaven”
7. En Vogue, “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)”
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Under The Bridge”
9. Color Me Badd, “All 4 Love”

Nine Inch Nails, Jawbreaker, and that's kinda it: What The A.V. Club saw at Riot Fest 2017

This past weekend, a few A.V. Club staffers headed to Chicago’s Douglas Park for Riot Fest, the marathon three-day music festival boasting approximately 90 different artists. And due to a variety of mitigating factors—family commitments, advanced age, a general dislike of crowds and heat—we saw only a fraction of…

Stream the debut album from California, a new band from members of Green Day and Jawbreaker

California is a band that’s delightfully self-aware. The band’s bio makes note of its name being almost impossible to Google—“Why California? Because fuck you”—as well as the fact that, while it features members of some high-profile punk bands, they’re just the “other guys” in those acts. Vocalist-guitarist Jason…

How do you sleep?: 23 highly specific rock and roll diss tracks

After 1992’s Slanted And Enchanted, critics started writing about Pavement as the voice of the slacker generation, and on the 1994 followup Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, frontman Steven Malkmus seemed to take that tag seriously. Alongside “state of alt-rock” addresses like “Cut Your Hair” and “Fillmore Jive,” Malkmus…

Hit it and quit it: 11 bands that split just as they were becoming successful

Throughout music history there are numerous tales of bands that teetered on the verge of separation until a sudden burst of success made the grueling tours, creative disagreements, and personality clashes seem worth it all. Less frequent—but more fascinating—are cases like the following 11 bands, which split soon…

“I Will Refuse”: 13 bands that could reunite, but won’t

1. The Smiths
If the passion of a fan base was enough to get a band back together, The Smiths would’ve toured every summer for the past decade, headlining Coachella, Bonnaroo, and any hot-weather festival where it’s inadvisable to wear black on the outside (even if black is how you feel on on the inside). At this…