Jenny McCarthy adds her Steven Seagal sexual harassment accusations to a rapidly growing pile

Following recent allegations from actresses Julianna Margulies and Portia De Rossi, Katherine Heigl, and others, Jenny McCarthy is the latest to step forward with a story about loathsome human Steven Seagal. Page Six reports that it’s a story that she’s told before (in 1998), about a 1995 audition for Under Siege 2.

What pop abomination would you expunge from 1995?

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The View vaccinates itself against further appearances by Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd

Variety reports that ABC’s The View will say farewell to outspoken pseudoscience advocate Jenny McCarthy, much the way a properly inoculated populace might shake off the threat of measles. McCarthy, who only became a regular panelist on the show last summer, will be joined in her departure by the longer-tenured Sherri…