The sequel Prey At Night slashes The Strangers’ home-invasion premise into... art?


On a spooky, foggy night, homicidal sadists creep through the vacation-rental community of Gatlin Lake to an ironic soundtrack of ’80s pop (“Kids In America,” “Total Eclipse Of The Heart,” etc.): two women in doll masks and a man in a burlap bag with eyeholes. Their prey are a super-generic nuclear family of four:…

Stephen King’s “Hearts In Atlantis” short story is getting its own film adaptation

If you are a fan of the 2001 film Hearts In Atlantis, adapted from Stephen King’s book of the same name, then you might be interested to learn that “Hearts In Atlantis,” the story from the book Hearts In Atlantis, is being made for the first time into a movie which will not be called Hearts In Atlantis, Variety reports