Here's the first look at Mission: Impossible 6, now known as Mission: Impossible—Fallout

Up until now, everything we’ve heard about the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6 has been centered around Tom Cruise’s love for risking his life on increasingly dangerous stunts. All the way back in March, we reported that Cruise had spent a year training for “the most impressive and unbelievable” stunt he’s ever done,…

In 1996, TV-to-movie adaptations reached saturation point—and a creative peak

It may be difficult to remember now that big-ticket superhero movies arrive on a near-monthly basis, but back in 1996, it was TV adaptations, not comics-based movies, that were considered the creative scourge of the decade. In ’96, there were about a dozen such adaptations, while the year’s single superhero offering

What do you watch when you’re too hungover to function?

This week’s question is from Senior Editor Marah Eakin:
It’s March 18, and if you’re like a lot of young Americans—or young Irish people? I don’t know—you probably spent at least part of St. Patrick’s Day drinking. But now you’re either back at work or back on the couch, so I’m wondering this: What TV show, movie,