Richard Dreyfuss has been accused of harassing and exposing himself to a colleague in the 1980s

Actor Richard Dreyfuss has now been added to the list of powerful Hollywood men who’ve been accused in recent weeks of sexually harassing (or more) the women in their orbits. According to a new Vulture piece published today, Dreyfuss—who recently made headlines with his public support of his son, Harry, who talked to

Things aren’t black and white in the trailer for Fox’s police-shooting drama Shots Fired

Back in 2015, Fox announced that it was tackling the epidemic of police shootings of unarmed citizens head-on, launching a new event series titled Shots Fired. Scheduled for March 22 of this year, the series seems as sadly relevant now as ever, even as it inverts the ugly norm of those headline-making deaths by having…

Celebrate Shark Week with this detailed story about Matt Hooper’s wristwatch

For a movie as legendary as Jaws, every little detail has been pored over and researched in the 41 years since the film’s release, up to and including Matt Hooper’s wristwatch. Thankfully for Jaws obsessives, Gary and Christian Stock not only share a love of Amity Island, but are watch aficionados. They tracked down…

The Killers go “Dirt Sledding” with Richard Dreyfuss in their annual holiday tune

Continuing a tradition that began way back in 2006 with “A Great Big Sled,” The Killers have released this year’s edition of their annual holiday single, “Dirt Sledding.” The latest tune completes (?) an unofficial Santa Claus trilogy featuring former Killers manager Ryan Pardey as Old St. Nick that began with 2009’s “