New species of long-haired microbes are named after the band Rush, now here's a drum solo

Once again demonstrating that the Venn diagram of people who love Rush and people who love geeky science stuff is essentially a circle, three new species of microbes have been named after members of the Canadian rock trio. To celebrate, let’s check out Neil Peart’s drum solo from the Rush In Concert: 30th Anniversary

An uplifting rock doc, a video of a video game, and a hot sauce to keep you warm

With Rush’s 40-year touring career coming to an end, this documentary offers an especially lighthearted and uplifting look at the band’s legacy. Stocked with footage of Rush’s final tour and the band’s celebrity fans, it also contains one of the most involved looks at Geddy Lee’s, Alex Lifeson’s, and Neil Peart’s…

“Sunshine on the waste land”: 20 songs about nuclear annihilation

The disturbing use of atomic power to end World War II had folks in the following decades pretty shaken up, leading to the “duck and cover” bomb-shelter era of the 1950s and beyond. Ira and Charlie Louvin—an Alabama gospel duo that helped popularize “close harmony” vocals—captured that feeling on their 1962 album

Read this: The Power Windows cover model now stocks the Rush LP in his record store

For Rush fans, the band’s ’80s era can be polarizing: People tend to either love the contemporary, synth-driven sound the trio embraced during the decade—or they long for the more experimental, prog-leaning ’70s era. One of the band’s critically beloved LPs from that era is 1985’s Power Windows, which featured “The…

An app for lists, live Rush, and 3 old Promise Ring favorites

For whatever reason, I came to The Promise Ring too late, probably sometime around Wood/Water, which—as any P’Ring fan knows—was not the time to get into the band. But like so many people, I first fell hard for Nothing Feels Good, the group’s 1997 emo opus. And thus, when it was announced earlier this year that