Faced with the consequences of the events of Taken, then punching those consequences in the face, Liam Neeson returns to his very specific set of movie skills in Taken 2—a film that is unfortunately not titled Taken, Too, because that would be silly. What is somehow not silly is that Neeson's daughter Maggie Grace follows him to Istanbul for a little R&R (Istanbul being one of the world's most amenable destinations for unwinding from sex slavery, as opposed to anywhere in America or perhaps Canada) and finds herself once again terrorized by the same family of vengeance-seeking Albanians. But this time it's Famke Janssen who finds herself taken, too, her kidnapping souring the otherwise-pastoral splendor of Istanbul and forcing Neeson to get to doing "what he does best"—namely, shooting up Europe and gabbing on the phone. Hey, does Liam Neeson have a dog? Nobody in Albania better take Liam Neeson's dog.