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Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon go to Waco in this trailer

Taylor Kitsch’s character on Friday Night Lights was a dangerous bad boy, but he was so cool and charming that you wanted to like him anyway. Thankfully, Tim Riggins didn’t become a religious leader and piss off the government, but this new trailer for the Paramount Network’s Waco offers a good preview of what that might’ve looked like. Kitsch plays cult leader and self-proclaimed messiah David Koresh, with the six-part miniseries focusing on him, some of his followers, and the government agents who may or may not have purposefully murdered all of them over the course of a 51-day standoff. In addition to Kitsch, it also stars Michael Shannon, Melissa Benoist, and John Leguizamo.

The series will premiere in January, and if you’re wondering why something with such a star-studded cast is coming to a TV network you’ve never heard of, it’s because the Paramount Network is just Spike with a different name and less of a man-oriented focus.


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