Photo: VCG via Getty Images

McFlurries are a delicacy on par with foie gras. Or at least that’s what it seems like at two in the morning when you’re six whiskeys deep and wondering why you ever stopped eating McDonald’s four days a week.

So let’s extend our hearty thanks to writer and newbie app developer Raina McLeod. DC Inno reports the D.C. resident got frustrated one night after being denied a McFlurry, and decided to channel that anger into creating an app. Ice Check is a crowdsourced way to find out whether you’ll soon be enjoying the delicious taste of chemical slurry—simply select a nearby McDonald’s, and continually updated reports from fellow users will let you know whether the ice cream machine at that location is working or not. Franchise owners can also claim their McDonald’s in the app and update the status themselves.


“Everybody likes it—you want to dip the McDonald’s fries in the McFlurry,” McLeod explains, offering the kind of plainspoken truth that connects with anyone who has ever tasted that particular flavor combination. True, McLeod has yet to update the app to include whether your future self will be glad you got your McFlurry come morning, but that sounds like a problem for future you, not current tasty-treat-craving you.