(Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images)

Variety reports that Danielle Bregoli—known to the world as viral internet sensation “Cash Me Outside Girl,” thanks to a 2016 incident in which she lived out the dream of millions by being rude to Dr. Phil—has now signed a record deal with Atlantic Records. The news follows Bregoli—or, rather, her rap persona, “Bhad Bhabie”—releasing her first song, “These Heaux,” onto YouTube two weeks ago, garnering 20 million views and a low, throbbing sensation in the brains of anyone over the age of 25 who views it.

A vice president for Warner Music Group, Atlantic’s parent company, praised Bregoli, calling her “a real star with undeniable talent.” They also noted that, at 14, Bregoli is the youngest female rapper to ever have a song appear on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, a fact which is objectively true, no matter how we might feel its implications for the reality in which we are all now forced to live.