Today marked the second morning in a row that I have watched The Tony Danza Show (aka the best show on television: irony division) and I now feel like I have a pretty good handle on what goes on inside Tony's brain (aka his brainadanza). Here is what pop culture looks like, according to Tony Danza. The Danz-o-meter: Top: Liza Minnelli, Over-pronouncing anything even vaguely Italian-sounding, Feinstein's At The Regency, Grand magazine (they conducted a poll that named Tony "the world's sexiest grandfather." He mentions it at least twice a show.) Middle: Joy Behar, numerology, The Oven-Cam!, Sara Lee products Low: anyone between the ages of 18-34, movies that don't involve Alan Alda, Coretta Scott King's death (From this morning's show: "Coretta Scott King, a very courageous woman, died yesterday. I just wanted to say her name again. Now it's time for Extravadanza!") Any other additions, or subtractions?