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The Dark Knight Rises

Like children peeling back the wrapped corners of their Christmas presents, the Internet was left home alone and went sort of crazy over the weekend, peeking at all the Dark Knight Rises stuff they could find. We’re not going to share with you the leaked script pages, or the blurry camera phone version of that six-minute prologue—not when Christopher Nolan and the Warner Bros. marketing elves worked so hard to put a pretty bow on them for you, and not when they’re working doubly hard today to yank all the copies away. But you’re going to get the full-length trailer soon enough, so what the heck. You can open one present early in its bootleg form; after all, it’s (almost) Christmas.


Besides, even with the addition of actual plot points and Anne Hathaway, this new preview is still mostly just a teaser, establishing the basic mood of Gotham (spoiler: everybody seems kinda sad) and the growing civil unrest, while intentionally saving the real Batman vs. Bane action for a later date. Also, if you’d told us a couple of years ago that one of the pivotal scenes in a Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie would revolve around a football game, we wouldn’t have believed it, and yet here we are.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has released an official, not-blurry trailer that you can now see above and watch in HD here.