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The Doctor Who Christmas special doubles up on its Time Lords

The upcoming Doctor Who special will double as Peter Capaldi’s final appearance as the 12th Doctor, but the Time Lord with the attack eyebrows looks like he’s going down swinging in this sneak peek.


In the clip for the special, titled “Twice Upon A Time,” Twelve (Capaldi) welcomes a British WWI soldier as well as a grumpy First Doctor (played by Harry Potter’s David Bradley, who’s replaced the late William Hartnell) into his TARDIS, and almost instantly regrets it. When One starts carping about where his TARDIS is, Twelve reminds him he needs to look out for his own dimension-charting vehicle. There’s a funny bit of shtick at the end as the First Doctor is shocked to learn he didn’t get, well, younger with his regenerations. And though Capaldi’s indignation is a delight, his throwaway line about the “false starts” that were the other Doctors is a reminder of what we’re going to be missing when he departs.

Doctor Who’s “Twice Upon A Time” is coming Christmas Day.

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