After a rather lackluster response that nevertheless generated hundreds of millions of dollars to the second Hangover, the third (and ostensibly final) film of the series finally does away with what was holding The Hangover back: the hangover. As promised, the now-predictable formula of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis waking from a party-induced blackout to retrace their steps has been done away with, replaced with that trio retracing their steps in a far more lucid, though still somewhat self-referential way. Familiar landmarks abound in this trailer—Las Vegas, Heather Graham—but there are also some newer, crazier forms of craziness involving Galifianakis finally ending up in a mental hospital, an equally psychotic John Goodman, and the insane gamble of a Hangover movie where Ken Jeong keeps his clothes on. Also, the part of Justin Bartha will now be played by a giraffe.