Late last year, The A.V. Club got an offer it couldn’t refuse: The Harlem Globetrotters were in town. Would we like to do something with team members El Gato Melendez and Slick Willie Shaw? Truthfully, we knew we’d be fools to deny any sort of ”Sweet Georgia Brown” action, and thus we invited them to the office a few days before Christmas, as a surprise to our coworkers. And while we knew this would be titillating enough to all the comedy drones toiling away producing hilarious content, we decided to up the ante and invite Jeff and Spencer Tweedy along, ostensibly as a diversion under the guise of a fake undercover. It’s an admittedly odd pairing, but the whole thing worked swimmingly, as viewers of the above video will note. The indie rock-meets-spinning-basketballs affair was equal parts confounding and joy-inducing, and anyone with half a brain should, after watching the clip, immediately go out and book tickets to see both the Globetrotters and either Wilco or Tweedy, depending on which act is out on the road at this juncture.