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The Internet Will Make You Really, Really Popular

Over the years, Ad Council PSAs have warned kids about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and a saucepan-wielding Rachel Leigh Cook. But with their new "Think Before You Post" PSA campaign, the Ad Council has finally gotten around to warning kids about the one thing that can seduce, maim, and leave them for dead while simultanously making Chris Hansen famous. I'm talking, of course, about that dark menace known as The Internet. One of their PSAs is below:

Lessons learned: 1. The Internet will totally make you really popular. 2. Having a MySpace page that everyone can see is the fast track to fame! (Afterall, it worked for Dane Cook.) 3. Getting recognized from the Internet at the mall can be such a hassle, you know? 4. Inside every high school coach, movie theater usher, and tattooed restaurant worker lurks the dark heart of a pedophile. Either that, or Sarah's blog posts are particularly engrossing. 5. Nothing says "unfriendly" like a busboy wiping down tables at a beachside cafe.


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