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The Love Guru In 3 Minutes

In anticipation of The Love Guru, Mike Myers has put out a music video containing, more or less, all of the jokes that are used in the film. This way, viewers can decide if they'd like to pay to see these jokes on loop for an hour and a half, or if they want to charter a plane to Antarctica to get as far away from The Love Guru as possible.

In no particular order the jokes are:

—Bollywood in general (hilarious)

—A midget

—Steve Miller Band's "The Joker"

—An Indian guy with a banjo

—A double-necked sitar


—Jessica Alba singing in a high-pitched voice, a la women in Bollywood films

—relentless mugging for the camera

—Shouting of the word "toker"

—A midget falling over

—Indian accents

To Mike Myers credit, he doesn't include what is sure to be The Love Guru's most funny element, Justin Timberlake in a Speedo using a foriegn accent. But it's not wise to put all your hilarieggs in one promobasket.


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