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The makers of The Last Jedi respond to its 46-minute chauvinist edit the only way possible

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Let’s say you’ve spent three or so years toiling away at a movie—the eighth canonical installment in one of the most storied and beloved franchises in cinematic history. Let’s say that film does really, historically well, first with critics, who hail it as one of the series’ absolute high points and also a bracing stylistic shift within it, and then with audiences, who turn out week after week to the tune of a billion dollars and counting. Let’s say a small but extremely mobilized segment of that audience feels somehow maligned by your decision to, you know, have women in the film, and so they cobble together an edit that removes all of those women, destroying the film’s continuity, purpose, and message but preserving their neolithic worldview through sheer force.

How do you respond?


Good points, everyone.

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