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The Max Levine Ensemble completes a trilogy with “Backlash, Baby”

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For its first album in eight years, The Max Levine Ensemble opted for a grandiose approach. The album rollout for Backlash, Baby has included a three-episode series of videos that saw the band caught in the throes of espionage and intrigue. Today The A.V. Club is offering up the final part in the series, tied to the album’s title track. Starring The Max Levine Ensemble as well as Katie Alice Greer (Priests) and Sharad Satsangi (Ilsa), the video for “Backlash, Baby” is a madcap dash that matches the track’s manic energy. Watch the video for “Backlash, Baby,” along with the two other videos in the series, below.