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The Mooch is going to co-host The View

(Photo: Getty Images, Mike Coppola)

When the dust settles on the whole Trump administration (which will hopefully happen sooner rather than later), we may remember Anthony Scaramucci’s brief White House Communications Director run as one of the best parts of this aggravating shitshow. He’s far from a good guy, but he’s bad in a cartoonish way rather than a black-hearted way like Steve Bannon or Trump—even though that’s probably only because he didn’t have a whole lot of time to do evil stuff in the White House. Now, since most of us didn’t immediately shun The Mooch the way we did Bannon or Sean Spicer, he’s decided to stick around and keep popping up to remind us that he used to be a thing.

According to Deadline, the next place he’s going to appear is—of all things—as a guest co-host on The View. Scaramucci will be featured on the September 22 installment of the show’s Guy Day Friday, apparently as a representative of the “guy” community. We don’t know much else about his appearance, but this is all apparently part of an attempt to build a Mooch-based media brand. That probably means we’re going to keep seeing more of Scaramucci, which will end up giving him a lot more opportunities to say or do bad things that make his nickname and his funny rant against Steve Bannon a lot less entertaining. Still, it should at least be an interesting ride down.


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