A week ago, Kyle declared MTV's My Super Sweet 16 the most offensive show on television. While watching 15-year-olds wheedle their parents into spending three times the average annual salary on a party with a chocolate fountain (for dipping strawberries, duh) is pretty gross, after watching TV last night, I think there's a show that's consistently grosser. Naturally, it's also on MTV: The Real World: Key West. Here's a sample.

That's basically the whole show: drunken fights between douchebags in a van (And occasionally, drunken fights by the pool or jacuzzi). Oh, and also drunken hook-ups. (If there's a better case for easy access to the morning-after pill than the possiblity of these reality TV camera-hogs accidentally repopulating the world with more of their kind, I'd like to hear it.) Remember when The Real World used to be about seven people from different backgrounds living together and pursuing their ambitions and learning from each other? Well, ok, it was never that meaningful, but at least it pretended to be. Well, at least the roommates had lives outside of each other: remember Norman the artist? Or Julie the aspiring dancer? Or Heather B. the rapper? Now, the roommates run a tanning salon on a beach. Together. And it's not even a real tanning salon, it's a spray-on tanning salon. So it's fake on, like, three levels. Not only that, but this season of the show seems more exploitative than usual because of one cast member, Paula. She's clearly severely anorexic and mentally unstable to a disturbing degree, two things that the producers of the show knew when they cast her. Last night's episode centered around Paula forgiving an ex-boyfriend who had been arrested for beating her in the past. Why? Because he sent her a care package. The contents of said package? Three bags of "the peanuts I like," pictures, and a bottle of Cristal. So, who's offensive now?