It’s been several months since The Muppets released one of its now-familiar parody trailers—a fact that this latest preview acknowledges right up front. And after spoofing generic romantic comedies, The Hangover Part II, and Green Lantern, the Muppets marketing team has moved on to more obvious territory by playing off the trailer for David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a movie that echoes the Muppets’ yen for outrageous violence and not wearing clothes. In addition to elucidating those parallels, this latest batch of footage also provides plenty of stuff we haven’t seen before, particularly cameos from Rashida Jones, Sarah Silverman, and Neil Patrick Harris. It also has an amazing Muppet-themed goth-industrial song that is, in itself, a decent parody of bands like Stabbing Westward. Or hell, maybe it’s actually Stabbing Westward. Those guys probably aren’t too busy these days.