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The new Kingdom Hearts trailer drags Pixar and a pantsless catboy into its goofy Disney kitchen sink

Square-Enix’s Kingdom Hearts games have always been a weird mash-up of Final Fantasy-derived nonsense plotting and recognizable Disney characters. Now, a new trailer for the series’ long-anticipated third game has pushed that bizarre envelope even further, finally answering that age-old question: What would Donald Duck look like if he was a monster from Monsters, Inc.?

Disney showed off the trailer for its key-sword-wielding sequel at the Japanese incarnation of its D23 conference today, revealing that the new game will see sassy teen hero Sora and his constant companions Donald and Goofy battling through the worlds of Tangled, plus two old-school Pixar properties, Toy Story, and Monsters, Inc. It’s all suitably adorable, even if the designers’ decision to make Sora’s “Monsters” version a lithe, panstless catboy feels like it was summoned from the depths of Tumblr’s darkest hidden dreams.

Also: There’s a whole bunch of Weird Plot Stuff that you’ll only care about if you’ve dipped into the series’ billion side games (the bad guys from Chain Of Memories and Birth By Sleep are both up and running around, and the goofy-as-hell Nightmare creatures from Dream Drop Distance are back). But really, it’s all about the idea of seeing Buzz Lightyear fighting alongside Ariel from The Little Mermaid, or watching Sora wreck shop with a weaponized version of the classic spinning teacups ride. Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out later this year.

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