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The new Valley Girl trailer teases a bright musical version of the original

Is there any reason to recreate a perfect movie? The 1983 classic Valley Girl is now available streaming for the first time, but right on its heels is its musical remake. The 2020 Valley Girl, a.k.a. the “awesomest story ever told” tells the story of Julie and Randy again, but this time from the perspective of adult Julie, played by Alicia Silverstone. In the movie’s new trailer, when her daughter comes home after a traumatic breakup, she tries to offer advice via a musical retelling of her preppy high school self falling for punk rocker Randy, much to the consternation of her friends. Also, Julie and her daughter now appear to live in the Walshes’ house from the original Beverly Hills 90210.


The new Valley Girl teases that it will be much brighter and noisier than the original, with full-on mall/roller-skating/boardwalk dance numbers costumed in the most colorful ’80s fashion available. La La Land’s Jessica Rothe is an appealing Julie, even though at times she’s more “Madonna” than “Muffy Tepperman.” And you may remember Josh Whitehouse as the knight in the Netflix Hallmark-esque movie The Knight Before Christmas; while Nicolas Cage sported an intriguing element of mystery as the original Randy, Whitehouse is about as enigmatic as a cocker spaniel puppy. Still, the supporting cast is appealing: Look for Peyton List and Riverdales Ashleigh Murray as Julie pals, Mae Whitman as a member of Randy’s band, and Judy Greer and Rob Huebel as young Julie’s parents. (Warning: Logan Paul also shows up as a member of the preppy set.)

So we’ll probably watch this when it drops digitally on May 8, if only to check out that bitchin’ ’80s soundtrack. Also, we predict the twist ending is that adult Julie is married to adult Randy and the heartbroken daughter is their offspring—rom-com history repeating itself yet again.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.