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The Obligatory Gift Thread

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to putting DVDs, CDs or books on your holiday wish lists: either you ask for what you really, really want, or you ask for items you're interested in, but don't want to spend money on yourself. I fall somewhere in the middle. I get so much media in the mail for free they I don't really need to clutter up my house with more things that I

might like. Also, I've never been averse to buying what I want if freebies aren't forthcoming. So my wish lists are typically filled with items I know I'll enjoy, but that aren't high enough priority for me to buy immediately. This year, that would include gifs like The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946-Present, The Essential Groucho, that cookbook by Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Dream A Little Dream: The Cass Elliot Collection, and a collection of British soundtrack music. But maybe the best gift I received this Christmas was The Middleman: The Collected Series Indispensability, a trade paperback collection of the original Middleman comic book series, which was later turned into one of my favorite TV shows of '08. I'd been wanting to read the comics, but I had too many other books on my bedside table to justify buying it. Now I can check it out at my leisure.

How about you? What's the coolest pop-culture-related item you were given this year?

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