The Other Two Season 3 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

No one’s better at walking the line between comedy and drama than Molly Shannon, which has been apparent ever since she effortlessly made the jump from SNL to Mike White’s Year Of The Dog back in the 2000s. Season three sees Pat trapped in the most gilded of cages, so famous that she can’t leave her gigantic mansion without a 10-man security detail. The sadness in Shannon’s eyes when Pat begins to realize how screwed-up her kids have become thanks to her own machinations is enough to make you weep.


Meanwhile, poor Chase has basically become a human Ken doll for his team to play with as they figure out how to spin his image now that he’s turned 18—spearheaded by Chase’s sweaty manager Streeter, who’s also dating Pat. He’s played by the always brilliant Ken Marino, who we’re delighted to see back on our screens mere weeks after the latest season of Party Down wrapped. (For those who watch both, you’ll be unsurprised that, like Ron Donald, Streeter made some pretty desperate choices during the pandemic.)

Season three continues to serve up The Other Two’s patented biting one-liners, clever sight gags, and wild celebrity cameos. And if you’re drawn in by that carrot, be prepared for the stick: This batch of episodes isn’t an easy watch. But we’ll take daring character development over easy appeal any day of the week. It’s not just lonely at the top; it’s pitch-black.


The Other Two season 3 premieres May 4 on HBO Max.