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The Ready Player One poster is terrible, but possibly accurate

Over the weekend, the world got a look at both a new trailer and the first poster for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of Ready Player One. While the trailer contained all sorts of fun glimpses of the pop-culture-reference packed digital world at the center of the film’s plot, the poster revealed one disturbing detail that fans seem particularly focused on: Tye Sheridan’s leg is long as hell.


It’s hard to imagine that such a glaring error made it through the various checks and balances of the studio system, so we’re forced to assume that the protagonist’s right leg being 1.5x as long as his torso is a major plot point in the movie. Of course, there is always the off chance that we, the moviegoing public, have prematurely rushed to judgment. Yesterday, one Twitter user went into excruciating detail to prove just that, showing that the leg is not only accurate, but good.


Though facts are clearly on their side, @CDisillusion is quick to point out that, “when something is technically correct, but still looks aesthetically ‘off,’ the artist should probably go with what feels aesthetically better.” Then, of course, there is always the option to do “whatever they feel like,” because they’re artists and that’s their prerogative. To see whether leg length actually plays this big of a role in Ready Player One, we’ll just have to wait until the premiere in March.


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