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The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut camp will take over a Times Square billboard this weekend

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Photo: Jason Kempin (Getty Images for Warner Bros. Studio Tour)

It’s been nearly two years since Zack Snyder’s Justice League came out, and we’re still getting little bits of “evidence” that the fabled “Snyder Cut”—i.e., a version of the film from before Snyder dropped out so he could be with his family in the wake of his daughter’s death, which prompted Warner Bros. to bring in Joss Whedon for reshoots—is somewhere out there. The actual state that the Snyder Cut is in varies depending on who is claiming it exists, as Kevin Smith noted back in August that he believes it does exist but that it’s not a finished film (as in, it has incomplete special effects and “green screen” sequences). Jason Momoa complicated things shortly after that, claiming Snyder had personally shown him some kind of director’s cut of Justice League that was “ssssiiicccckkkkk.”


Whether you believe it’s a real thing or you don’t give a shit because Justice League was bad anyway, clearly we’d all be happier if Warner Bros. just shared whatever unreleased footage it has so we can all just stop hearing about this. Now, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut faithful have taken a relatively big step to try and make that happen, with ScreenCrush reporting that a group of fans have purchased billboard space in New York’s Times Square in honor of New York Comic Con. A mock-up video showing what the billboard will look like has been posted online, but the real thing won’t be visible until October 5, where it will be displayed every two minutes from noon to midnight.

ScreenCrush points out that this is the same billboard that fans of The OA used to try and convince Netflix to keep that show going, which prompted us to wonder how difficult it is to do this sort of thing. Given the location of the sign, both the OA fans and the Snyder Cut believers used this service (or one like it), which makes buying some advertising space in Times Square (typically for marriage proposals, apparently) seem much easier and cheaper than you would think. We’re not saying everyone should do this every time you want to get the attention of a massive media company that couldn’t care less about you, but it would be pretty exciting if somebody wanted to propose to us this way. (Wink!)