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The Russos are teasing some kind of Community thing at Comic-Con

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It’s one of those weird little touches of modern pop culture that the guys who spent the last few years directing some of the most explosive, expensive, and box-office-smashingly bombastic films in Hollywood history got their start in the world of niche comedy nerd sitcoms. Before they were juggling magic gemstones and inviting us all to contemplate America’s ass, after all, The Russo Brothers (TM) were just Joe and Anthony Russo, the guys who directed the Arrested Development pilot, and who injected a little bit of cinematic flair into Community’s periodic flirtations with action movie spectacle.


The duo has never lost their appreciation for their more humble, wordplay-heavy roots, either, which is how, say, the Bluth family stair car slipped its way into the big airport fight in Civil War, or how almost the entirety of the staff and student body of Greendale Community College has managed to wander onto the set of an MCU movie at one point or another. Now the Russos are teasing something bigger, possibly, dropping a series of enigmatic videos on their Twitter timeline teasing a date and time—and including one very familiar nonsense Spanish rap song in the latest:

A quick search of next week’s San Diego Comic-Con schedule reveals that, yep, July 19 at 11 a.m. is when the duo has scheduled “A Conversation With The Russo Brothersin the convention’s massive Hall H, normally reserved for major movie studio reveals and the subtle funk of a thousand people ignoring their basic bodily needs in order to stand in line. In this case, it’s being used by the duo to talk about what comes next for the guys who managed to redefine the modern blockbuster—and who, again, decided to promote it with such a blatant Community reference that we’re kind of losing our minds a little bit. Maybe it’s just a joke. Maybe it’s the long-prophesied movie, arriving at last after a hard-fought six seasons. Maybe it’s a promo for a “Troy And Abed In The Morning” animated webseries on Crackle. We don’t know, and the fact that these guys could probably get any project they wanted green-lit at the moment doesn’t make the speculation any easier.

So, yeah: You got a Community notification for this.