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The spirit of The Jerky Boys lives on in these prank calls goofing on right wing media ghouls

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Prank calls may never regain the artistic heights they reached during their 1990s peak—an era that saw the form’s zenith with The Jerky Boys putting out CDs filled with manically stupid recordings. Still, the spirit of these telephone mavericks lives on through the internet, where channels like Not Even A Show have identified the most fertile pranking grounds on the modern day: Right wing call-in shows where hateful numbskulls like Ben Shapiro, Sebastian Gorka, and Stefan Molyneux field questions and comments from their listeners.

The latest instance of this is an episode that kicks off with a call into Shapiro’s show to discuss universal healthcare and make a few jabs at the reprehensible conservative pundit in the process. The call begins with “Prank Stallone” advocating for the system from the viewpoint of a Canadian and asks, because Shapiro doesn’t like being told he’s short, if he’s “big enough to ride the rides at Disneyland.” Shapiro makes his patented thinky face then defends continuing to bar universal medical access in America on the basis of some skewed information.


He’s interrupted by another question: “At Thanksgiving dinner, do you sit at the kids’ table or the adults’ table?

“I tend to sit at the adults’ table,” Shapiro responds, in the most humorless fashion possible. He adds, in a gutbuster of a comeback, “But, then again, I have a functioning pre-frontal cortex and I can’t say the same for you.” Shapiro continues to defend his height despite saying he doesn’t care about it, citing his “hot wife” and claiming the caller was “whining about the fact that you’re living in Canada.”

In proper ‘90s shock-jock style, the video also remixes Shapiro’s voice with whacky effects and ends with a animated video for a “Brown Eyed Girl” parody about him shopping at Gap Kids and wearing OshKosh B’gosh.

In the past, the channel has found similar success calling into shows hosted by sacks of shit, Sebastian Gorka and Stefan Molyneux. (Gorka, always willing to demonstrate why media figures like him are the best prank targets, has, in the past, lost it over Twitter fan art of Mario and Luigi kissing and the children’s TV show Arthur.) Last year, Not Even A Show informed Gorka that he’s “a balloon-headed motherfucker,” asked him if he has “to buy special shirts to fit [his] head through [the] neck hole,” and, best of all, let him know that “Dipshit Magazine” had awarded him “top journalist of this year.”

Elsewhere, Molyneux was asked if he’d give a shout-out to a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and, when asked if he’s being trolled, is reminded that “you’re a douchebag, everybody hates you” and that “you’re going to go down in history as one of the biggest pieces of garbage ever.”

Just in case you’re worried that all of this is a waste of time and doesn’t actually bother the scumbags who get pranked, consider the ridiculous White House “social media summit” from last summer, which saw Gorka ask Trump for his thoughts on the mean people who “call into my show” and “don’t want to use their real name” right before the stream cut out.


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