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The studio behind Firewatch heads to Egypt for its new game

Screenshot: In The Valley Of Gods/Campo Santo

Tonight at the awards ceremony/marketing bonanza known as The Game Awards, Campo Santo, the studio behind the acclaimed first-person adventure Firewatch, unveiled its next project. Titled In The Valley Of Gods, it’ll put players in the shoes of a filmmaker who heads to an ancient Egyptian valley with their partner in search of fame and fortune during the 1920s, which happens to coincide with the discovery of King Tut’s tomb and the widespread fascination with Egyptian culture that followed.

Campo Santo also released a trailer for the game, which shows off some of what we can expect when it launches in 2019. It’s already looking gorgeous, with an especially keen eye for dramatic lighting, and you can even get a sense of how the game will be encouraging the players to bond with their partner in exploration. In The Valley Of Gods is currently announced for all PC platforms, and Campo Santo says they “haven’t ruled out more platforms.”


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