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The trailer for Apple TV Plus dramedy Physical takes Rose Byrne (and us) back to the '80s

Rose Byrne as Sheila Rubin in  Physical
Rose Byrne as Sheila Rubin in Physical
Photo: Courtesy of Apple TV+

The upcoming Apple TV+ dramedy Physical might just fill the GLOW-shaped void left in our hearts after Netflix canceled the Alison Brie-led wrestling series after three seasons. Physical is a darkly comical show set in 1980s San Diego and stars Rose Byrne as an aerobics instructor.


Byrne’s Sheila Rubin lives in a beach paradise but is quietly tortured by her lifestyle as a subdued, dutiful housewife to a controversial husband who is running for state assembly. She is also battling a personal struggle related to her self-image. Sheila finally finds a release in the unlikeliest of sources: the colorful world of aerobics in the ‘80s. How do we know it’s set in that era? The first-look trailer kicks off with The Buggles popular song, “Video Killed The Radio Star”

The choice of song tracks with Sheila’s life. She gets hooked to the aerobics exercise but discovers a newfound passion when she merges the burgeoning technology of videotape to start a revolutionary business. The 10-episode season follows her journey from a stifled enabler to a powerful entrepreneur as Sheila transforms into a lifestyle guru.

Physical also stars Rory Scovel, Dierdre Friel, Della Saba, Lou Taylor Pucci, Paul Sparks and Ashley Liao. It is created, written, and executive produced by Annie Weisman, who also serves as showrunner.

The show will debut with three episodes on Friday, June 18 on Apple TV+ with new episodes every week.