Today's attempt at keeping a baseline level of Zach-Braff-induced anger in my system is particularly effective. It's a clip of Braff being interviewed for Entertainment Weekly's "Inspirations" online video series. (I don't really know what that means, either, but it has something to do with Diet Coke, and is preceded by a clip of Christina Ricci looking like a cross between Betty Boop and a lollipop.) Go watch the clip here, but beware. It's easily the most annoying thing I've ever seen. Watching it is like slowly lowering yourself into a tub filled with ice water. The numbness comes, but not quickly enough. Still, I learned a lot of cold, hard facts from this interview, namely: —Zach Braff's skills as an improviser are unparalelled. Assbeads indeed. —Examining the angst of pussyfooting 30-year-olds on film is the definition of "gutsy." —Decisions are hard. Movies about decisions are "unique." —The Last Kiss contains a scene where Braff farts. Honestly, this interview is one unnecessary black-and-white shot away from being parody. This is starting to hurt.