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There's "absolutely" going to be another Wet Hot American Summer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Amid all the excitement surrounding the very almost-reality of returns for Arrested Development and Party Down, you may have forgotten that you were also supposed to be getting your hopes up for a Wet Hot American Summer reunion. Fortunately, Michael Showalter stopped by Bravo’s Watch What Happens When You Combine Vanity With The Journalistic Equivalent Of A Slumber Party last night and did just that, affirming “yes, absolutely—100 percent” into Andy Cohen’s veneered Mouth of Truth. And since Showalter didn’t come away with a ravaged stump for a hand, we guess you should go ahead and believe him, along with his avowal, “The whole gang. Everyone's back. We're doing it."

Last time we checked in, just about everyone—even the people who are maybe too famous now to do it—said they were willing to don their tiny shorts and return for a follow-up, which David Wain has said would likely take place during the same summer with “40-year-olds playing 16-year-olds,” like certain naughty sites on the Internet. Of course, Cohen didn’t ask Showalter whether they had yet signed any official deals with those people, if they were nearing completion on a script they’ve been kicking around since at least 2008, or if they had yet resolved their issues with Universal, which has balked at doing anything further with the property for years—mostly because it was time to blindfold Showalter and squirt cheese in his mouth. But if repeatedly stating your intentions counts for anything, then yes, there's going to be a Wet Hot American Summer sequel. Who would dare be glib with Andy Cohen? [via The Huffington Post]