Consistency can be somewhat comforting. But it can also make you long for change, or, in some cases, the complete and total destruction of Bunim/Murray Productions. Here are a few examples of the latter: Things That Still Exist But Shouldn't: 1. The Real World

If there was ever a show that didn't deserve 18 seasons it's

The Real World, but somehow every year a new group of Road Rules/Real World Challenge contestant wannabes are procured, cameras are set up, someone makes out under a comforter in night vision, and the jacuzzi is filled for another season. Why does this keep happening? The premise of the show has been stretched so far it doesn't bear any resemblence to its early seasons, or even commercials of its early seasons. At this point it's a reality show zombie, staggering from city to city, feasting on the brains (and patience) of everyone involved. Did you ever think you'd live to see Real World:Denver? Denver! If you thought they were phoning it in with The Real World: Key West or Philadelphia, welcome to a whole new level of not thinking. 2. News Items About Mike Tyson



this. And this. Remember when Mike Tyson was crazy? Well, he still is (as indicated by the facial tat), though why that merits a news story doesn't really seem clear. His craziness hasn't really evolved in any way. If anything, it's gotten a lot more boring in its consistency. So hearing that Tyson plans to fight women or Tom Jones on his "world tour" isn't really that surprising or interesting. And it's hardly news, unless you consider the fact that a crazy ex-boxer with facial tattoos saying something run-of-the-mill crazy to publicize his upcoming world tour is noteworthy. 3. Tickle Me Elmo hysteria


Do children really still want

these dolls, or are parents just looking for a way to fight each other that is mildly socially acceptable? Either way, the popularity arc for this particular Sesame Street character seems suspiciously long. I think Snuffleupagus was only at the top for about 2 weeks. 4. Judge Judy


I realize it's hard to program a local affiliate, especially in the early afternoon hours after the soaps have gone off, and before the local news broadcast, but there has to be something better than Judge Judy (or Judge Joe Brown, or Texas Justice, or any of her other clones). I mean, how long can someone subject people to her own unique brand of sassy but fair justice? We're at 11 seasons and counting.