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This high school drama club put on a stage production of Alien, and it looks fantastic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Picking up the mantle once championed by the (sadly fictional) Max Fisher Players, a high school drama club in Bergen, New Jersey recently put on what looks to be an absolutely amazing staged rendition of Alien. Yes, Alien. Yes, the Ridley Scott movie. Oh, just shut up and look:

This mammoth production by the North Bergen High School Drama Club was brought to our attention by Twitter user Paul Owens, who posted the above pictures (which you can also view at this imgur gallery), and Jesus Christ, those costumes! These kids went absolutely all-out on this thing, and it wasn’t merely confined to their ability to do Giger designs on a high school budget: Check out this video of the famous facehugger scene, which nails that all-important slow-burn, “Oh god, don’t put your head there” tension.


Update: More video, this time showing that incredible xenomorph costume in motion. (Also, apparently the entire play was crafted on the cheap out of recycled materials, which is awesome in its own right.)