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This Pokémon Go-inspired Walking Dead game should make you look really silly

(Photo: Getty Images, Ollie Millington)

Watching someone play Pokémon Go is a bit silly, since it really just looks like walking around while focusing on your phone very intently, but things would probably get exponentially sillier if the game involved any interaction beyond tapping and swiping. As silly as Pokémon Go can be, then, a new Walking Dead mobile game looks like it could be very embarrassing to play in public. Called Walking Dead: Our World, the game is based on the AMC TV show and this Variety story makes it sound a lot like a zombie-filled take on Nintendo and Niantic’s hit augmented-reality game.

The story says that it’s a “location-based augmented-reality mobile game that will show you hordes of the undead right in front of your eyes on your smartphone,” and the trailer shows people in normal real-life scenarios running from zombies and leaping over tables to grab weapons while people from the TV show materialize to join in. You can see it for yourself below:

The best-case scenario, at least in terms of not looking like a weirdo, is that the game involves you looking at zombies on your phone while tapping or swiping on the screen to kill them, but that would be a lot less exciting than this trailer makes it seem.


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