Earlier this week, “Man Looking At Other Woman” a.k.a. “Distracted Boyfriend” became the latest meme to sweep our content-starved nation. If you’ve somehow survived the last few days online without being aware of this simple yet effective meme, it can be succinctly described thusly: A stock photo of a man who is enamored with an attractive passerby, much to the dismay of his girlfriend. Who these three distinct characters represent is up to each individual meme-maker.

But, using a little bit of internet detective work, a Twitter user by the name of Valondar has discovered that there is much more to this incredibly emotive couple’s relationship than this one scene suggests. Over the course of 32 tweets we see them go from two young people in love that occasionally scream at each other to a married couple with hobbies and careers that occasionally scream at one another.

It’s a veritable stock photo soap opera, complete with sexy, scandalous intrigue and the devastating tragedy of loss.


They get engaged and then they break up.


They break up and then they have sex in a car.

Oh, also, they hate kissing and they both work in a hospital?


It’s a tale as old as time, and surely one we can all relate to. But if this story isn’t striking a chord with you, feel free to head over to Shutterstock and craft your own narrative. The possibilities are endless!