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This trailer for The Dragon Prince has it all: Dragons! Princes! Humans in DIY elf disguises!

When, we ask you, was the last time so much cuteness was placed in such epic surroundings?In this trailer for the third season of the Netflix/Wonderstorm series The Dragon Prince, our heroes continue to try to stave off war, only—and this is a good news/bad news situation—now they’ve got a very sweet dragon youngster to look out for as their quest continues. Callum and Rayla clearly know that to keep Zym (that’d be the dragon) safe, they’ve got to keep on their toes, hence Callum’s creative sartorial choices.


The show’s appealing blend of grand stakes and sweet playfulness remains intact, if this trailer is to be believed; so does its breathtaking visual aesthetic, which combines 3D computer animation with a more retro, hand-drawn feel.

The animation was a source of consternation in the first season, but it improved in season two and that trend seems to continue. Just look at the choppiness of this season-one trailer, as compared to the clip above:

The still-adorable, still-epic, less-choppy Dragon Prince returns for a third season of nice episodes on November 22.