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This year, commit yourself to the calming influence of a horror movie every day

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New Year’s resolutions are too often restricted to boring junk like cutting down on drinking or going to the gym more often. Predictably, they fail because nobody likes exercise or sobriety, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

A bit of creativity can make resolutions a wonderful thing. Maybe, for 2018, you could vow to eat entire packages of Super Nibs before bed every night. Or promise yourself to spend at least 15 minutes per day watching this GIF of a skateboarding cat. In the immortal words of George Clinton, “free your mind ... and your ass will follow.”


Cartoonist, artist, and writer Shaenon K. Garrity has found a similarly great, unorthodox 2018 resolution: creating a webcomic that reviews a different horror movie for every day of the year.

The comics, which update on Garrity’s Horror Every Day website, do exactly what’s said on the tin, highlighting a new choice every 24 hours. Accompanied by a brief summary of the movie in question and a helpful content warning especially appropriate for the genre, Garrity sketches charming cartoons inspired by the day’s spooks. Best of all, the descriptions also draw on appropriate holidays, birthdays, and the inexplicable glut of named days of the year (today is International Dog Brushing Day, don’t look it up) to add a bit of thematic zest.

January 14, for example, features 2014's Housebound (appropriate for Organize Your Home Day) while today’s comic reminds everyone to watch The Exorcist in celebration of Linda Blair’s birthday.

Check out the website for more daily suggestions, ranging from well known entries like Rosemary’s Baby and The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari to less celebrated movies such as Basket Case and Tombs Of The Blind Dead. It’s a bit like an advent calendar for the goth-inclined, presumably leading up to a Halloween selection so monumentally frightening your screen starts bleeding in celebration of the Dark Christmas.


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