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Titus Andronicus announces 93-minute rock opera, because that’s what Titus Andronicus does

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Titus Andronicus hasn’t released a new album since 2012’s Local Business, but it looks like the band is now ready to make up for lost time with The Most Lamentable Tragedy, a new album that—according to an interview with Grantland—will be a 93-minute rock opera consisting of 29 tracks. The album is being released by Merge Records, and the label’s website describes “the central narrative” of The Most Lamentable Tragedy as being about “an unnamed protagonist whom we meet in deep despair.” After meeting a man who looks just like him but is “opposite in disposition,” the protagonist goes on a “transformative odyssey” and comes to “the shocking revelation that the very thing that sustains him may be the thing that destroys him.” In other words, it’s a Titus Andronicus album.

The Most Lamentable Tragedy—which will also feature covers of Daniel Johnston’s “I Had Lost My Mind” and the Pogues’ “A Pair Of Brown Eyes” among its 29 tracks—will be available on July 28, and you can preorder it now from Merge. The album art and a lyric video for its first single—”Dimed Out”—are below.