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Amazon Echo, $140


Haven’t you heard? The Amazon Echo is actually really great (and only getting better over time), and you can save $40 on yours, for a limited time.

In addition to being a pretty solid Bluetooth speaker, the Echo can check the weather, turn on your lights, read you the news, trigger custom IFTTT recipes, order food, and—our personal favorite—read you Jeopardy! questions like a robotic Alex Trebek.

You might be thinking that you’ll wait and see if there’s a better deal on the Echo on Black Friday. But we suspect that Amazon will be offering several high-profile deals during Deals Week that you can only order via Alexa, in which case you’ll really want to have your Echo set up and ready to go before you finish eating your turkey.


Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series Amazon exclusive edition, $90


Amazon’s new exclusive Cowboy Bebop box set is the ultimate gift for the anime fan in your life, and you can get it for $90 today, or $10 off.

To be clear, the standard complete series Blu-ray is just $30, but this new edition includes two different art books and a limited edition box.

The Hunger Games four-film collection, $25


This one-day Hunger Games collection deal isn’t quite as urgent as the tributes’ rush to the cornucopia, but it’s pretty close. Today only, $25 gets you all four films on Blu-ray and digital, an all-time low.

TiVo Bolt, $164


It looks like a giant iPhone 6 that spent too much time in someone’s back pocket, but the Tivo Bolt is probably the best DVR you can buy (as long as you can stomach the service fees). So if you’re game for skipping commercials with one button, Amazon’s marked the 500GB model down to $170 today, an all-time low.

Star Shower, $30


You don’t need it for another few weeks, but you can save on a holiday landscape laser light by buying it early.

If you aren’t familiar, these genius little gadgets use lasers to project red and green lights onto the front of your house, giving the appearance of holiday spirit without the hassle of actually hanging up outdoor lights. We’ve seen a few deals lately on on these things, but this is the original, as-seen-on-TV Star Shower that started the trend last year, now marked down to an all-time low of $30.

Krinner Christmas Tree Genie, $60


The Krinner Christmas Tree Genie carries a 4.7 star rating and an Amazon top seller badge, and it’s easy to see why. It can adjust to hold trunks between 1 and 7 inches in diameter, it closes with the press of a foot pedal, and even features a built-in level indicator so nobody has to yell timber.

Sixty bucks isn’t chump change, but it is an all-time low price on a product that you’ll reuse year after year, so it’s probably worth the investment.

Status Audio CB-1, $67 including shipping with code KINJA20

If price has been the barrier to entry keeping you from better audio, we’re bringing back the best price ever on Status Audio’s CB-1s, $67 with code KINJA20. The last time we posted this deal you bought them all pretty quickly.


Status is a direct-to-consumer headphone company, building great cans in proven form factors without the markup that comes with popular brands. In fact, there’s no branding here whatsoever.

The CB-1s are extremely comfortable out of the box, more so (for me) than the ATH-M50X, MDR7506, SR60e, or V-MODA Crossfade Wireless, just to name a few off the top of my head (ha!).

The CB-1s have a (relatively) flat frequency response that’s great for listening to a variety of music or audio/video editing, with a wide sound stage in a closed back design. I get good isolation/seal with the updated pads. The inclusion of two detachable cables, coiled and straight, is also generous and welcome. Even better that they smartly attach with a twist lock.


We know from five years of Kinja Deals that great over-ear, closed back headphones for under $70 is no joke. Depending on what you’ve shelled out for in the past, they might even blow away your much more expensive pairs.

These have been my daily drivers at work since early September, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.