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“Buy two, get one free” board-game sale


If your board-game collection is gathering dust, it’s time to freshen up your options with Amazon’s “buy two, get one free” sale.

Over 30 options are available (as of now, some will likely sell out), including popular titles like Munchkin and Tokaido, Carcassonne, and Ticket To Ride Europe (which is far superior to the North American version, for what it’s worth), plus expansions for games you might already own like Catan. Just add three games to your cart—shipped and sold by Amazon.com—and you should see the cheapest one for free at checkout.

Nendoroid Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D figurine, $29


Nenderoid’s Link figurines are always incredible, but in my opinion, the Majora’s Mask 3D version is the cutest of the bunch.

You can put your desktop Link into different poses and situations to match your current mood and work environment, like drinking potions (hungover), wearing masks (imposter syndrome), or swinging his little sword (someone’s microwaving fish again?).

$29’s a great price for this little guy, so you won’t need to break too many pots to scrape together the rupees.


Xbox Live Gold, plus $10 bonus gift card


Xbox Live Gold discounts aren’t as commonplace as they used to be, but if your account is expiring soon, Amazon will toss in a bonus $10 Xbox gift card when you purchase a three- or 12-month membership code. Just note that this only works on the digital memberships, not the cards.

Star Wars Episodes I-III, $30 and Star Wars Episodes IV-VI, $30


Get caught up with the two original Star Wars trilogies on Blu-ray for $30 each, complete with a bunch of special features. Place your bets on which one will sell better in the comments!

Anker PowerLine+ USB-C-to-USB-3.0 cable, $12


Until such a day comes that all of our devices use USB-C ports exclusively, you’ll need some USB 3.0-to-C cables to ease the transition. Today though, you can save about $2 off the usual price of Anker’s reader-favorite PowerLine+ cables, complete with a carrying pouch.

Oak Leaf mechanical bidet, $18 with code MFK5GPE5


A lot of people are reflexively appalled by the idea of a bidet, which makes no sense, because they’re amazing. Today on Amazon, you can score one from Oak Leaf for $18 with promo code MFK5GPE5. That’s basically nothing for a product you’ll use (hopefully) every day, but this deal could sell out any time, so purchase or get off the pot.

OXA DIY back-hair shaver, $12 with code SEWUJQ32


I’m just going to kick off this section by sharing this product’s Amazon description.


No problem. Guys feel confident shirtless after using OXA Back Shaver. So, if you have “patchy” or “spotty” patches of hair on your back or body or if you are so hairy that you are often mistaken for being a “hairy ape” there is no job too great for the OXA Back Shaver.


I don’t think back hair is why most men feel uncomfortable shirtless, but I digress.

This product looks very similar to the BaKlade, which we’ve written about before. It doesn’t have many reviews to go off of, but it’s one-third the price of the name brand with promo code SEWUJQ32, so it might be worth checking out if you’re a HAIRY APE.

Intex two-seat inflatable kayak, $65


You don’t need a ton of storage space and a roof rack on your car to go kayaking. This Intex two-seater is inflatable, so it can fit in your closet and your trunk, and you can get it for just $65 today complete with two paddles and a manual pump. Just don’t forget to bring Advil to take once you’re done paddling.

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