Tonight, Tracy Morgan returns to television alongside Tiffany Haddish in The Last O.G., a show about an ex-con adjusting to life in a gentrified Brooklyn, and reckoning with his sudden role as a father. At a SXSW panel for the show, we played a game with Haddish, Morgan, and pilot director Jorma Taccone called ’90s Or Now, where we pit things that were popular in the ’90s against things that are popular now to see which our contestants prefer. In this round, it’s between two JAY-Z records: 4:44 and The Blueprint, which was mistakenly included in the game (it actually came out in 2001). Haddish, perhaps because of her appearance in the music video for 4:44’s “Moonlight,” wasn’t ready to concede to Morgan and Taccone that The Blueprint was the better album.