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Trump crony Roger Stone Jr. got his Babadook-wannabe ass suspended from Twitter

(Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Yesterday, CNN sent shockwaves through the political Twittersphere when it reported that special counsel Robert Mueller—the man charged by the Justice Department with investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election—had gotten a federal grand jury to approve charges against at least one as-yet unnamed person. The news was met with a certain amount of glee from people hoping Mueller will be going after someone in Donald Trump’s inner circle, and a lot of speculation about how Trump and his various advisers and assorted hench-persons will respond to what now looks like a ticking clock over somebody’s head. (According to CNN, an arrest could be made as early as Monday.)

Which might all explain why one of Trump’s less-regularly-hinged associates—author, commentator, and knock-off Batman villain Roger Stone, Jr.—went on a massive Twitter rant yesterday against a variety of CNN personalities, including Jake Tapper and Don Lemon. You can see screenshots of Stone’s vitriolic tweets below; screenshots, because Stone managed to get himself booted from the service earlier today for various violations of its terms of use.


It’s not clear if Stone’s suspension is temporary or not; Buzzfeed’s David Mack reports that sources have told him that it’s permanent, but if there’s one thing we learned from that movie, it’s that you can never truly keep the Babadook down for good.

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